Data Security Issues Related to the Rise of the Solid State Drive

Data Security Issues Related to the Rise of the Solid State Drive

That was one of the conclusions of a recent article published in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. Computer storage devices are in a constant state of digital evolution.  The traditional hard drive is becoming an outmoded solution as the Solid State Drive (SSD) rises in popularity.  It’s easy to see the benefits of implementing SSD technology. These storage drives are more durable, faster, lighter, quieter and cooler.  As desktop computers, laptops and tablets begin to utilize SSD technology as the new standard, our methods of secure data destruction must be revised.

Why a New Approach is Needed

The Science and Information Organization has long recognized that the challenges of completely deleting information from SSDs is very different from the methods employed with traditional hard drives.  These challenges have led to SSD-specific data security risks.  Many companies are responding by completely eliminating sensitive data when disposing of cell phones, laptops and tablets.  Unfortunately, the nature of secure state media means that commercial data recovery techniques may be able to reconstruct data and recover deleted information.  The problem of securely erasing SSD drives has led many security-conscious sectors to turn to physical solid state data destruction.

Solutions Available

The physical destruction of traditional hard drives is not a new concept, but applying these older techniques to SSDs is a huge mistake.  Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, Phiston Technologies has engineered specific solutions for destroying SSDs.  Phiston Technologies has developed targeted devices that exceed the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Agency standards for protection of sensitive information.  Products like the MediaVise SSD Destroyer bring 20 tons of SSD-specific destructive force to render the product completely safe in less than half a minute.

As SSD devices continue to flood the marketplace and business world, the way we respond to the data security challenges of these products must adapt.  SSD is here to stay.  Thanks to Phiston Technologies, we can say that these devices are not only faster, quicker and better – but also more secure. Contact us to learn more about how our products can meet your data security needs.

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  • Morad says:

    no the new hard drive does not affect the other hard drive in any way.if you want u could fomrat itthe sad might have to be fomratted to work with our macbut to won’t affect any other drives

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