Data Security & its Importance

Unauthorized users or malicious hackers may want to gain access to sensitive information contained on a server or hard drive. Data security becomes a considerable worry for most database managers. There are usually two primary ways to secure data. One way is through a disk encryption software, which works to protect the information on the hard drive or server even when the operating system is inactive. The software operates using random keys which act as passwords to allow the user access the server directly.

These keys are also unique to the users. The other way is through direct disk encryption using hardware designed specifically for integration into any operating system. The device denies or gives one permission to view the contents of the database using user defined keys.


The use of software based means of protection prevents theft of sensitive information by hackers. However, one can easily also hack the system and encrypt the data rendering it corrupted, unrecoverable, and unusable. In light of all this, the use of software and hardware go hand in hand when preventing direct access to the network making un-authorized viewing or editing of this data is virtually impossible. Other data security measures include data masking, use of backups, as well as data erasure.

Importance of data inscription in business

Many companies use information on products and services purchased by their customers to calculate and plan for the future. These plans include financial calculations on profit and loss margins, inventory, as well as advertising. As such, database managers employed to keep track of this vital information works out how best to protect it.

Customers who buy goods online using electronic means usually provide sensitive information about their accounts. If the system isn’t secure, one can easily get these bank account numbers and steal the customer’s identity. Online businesses need to have a good business reputation by providing safe and secure means of a transaction.

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