Data security: Destroy your old gadgets and save yourself the worry

You have probably heard a lot about data security these days. Much of the news reports have been focused on hacking incidents. However, data security is a larger problem than a hacker getting your information from a website. Information can also be taken from your old computers, cell phones, DVDs, and other media.

Consider these examples, as offered in a recent article from Gizmodo. In 2006, the Idaho Power Company was surprised to find its sensitive corporate data for sale on eBay. What happened, the article stated, was that the company failed to scrub the drives on its old computers before taking them to be recycled. The recycling vendor also failed to scrub the drives and they ultimately ended up in the wrong hands.

The article goes on to discuss a laptop that was found in the garbage in New York. The person who retrieved it from the trash gave it to a friend, who used the computer but happened to notice that email continued to come in for the previous owner. A few years later, she discovered that the computer’s former owner was a trader at Goldman Sachs who was fighting with the SEC over mortgage securities.

The business you do from day to day is important… Important enough not to leave it on an old device where it can be taken, examined, and even used against you by someone else. This is where data destruction such as that offered by Phiston Technologies comes in. Instead of trusting someone else to scrub your drives, completely destroy them with our data crushers. Our products meet NSA specifications to ensure that the data on your old equipment and media is completely unreadable.

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