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When your business is dealing with sensitive information, you have an ethical responsibility to dispose of it in the proper manner according to the law. In fact, if you’re a personal smartphone user with data stored on your device, you’re probably adamant about disposing of your information in a manner that will protect your cyber security. Today, the technology professionals at Phiston Technologies offers state-of-the-art tools that crushes the data completely from your outdated PC components, tablet, smartphone, disk, or hard-drive. 

Why Customers Prefer Phiston Technologies Data Crushing Tools 

Phiston Technologies offers an innovative data crushing solution that’s also office-friendly. Our data crushing equipment provides the only solution you’ll ever need to disintegrate your sensitive information. For example, our MediaVise Compact SDD destroyer can render your smaller electronic devices inoperable.

As the latest arsenal in our remarkably powerful and compact digital media destroyer technology, the MediaVise Compact SSD strongly mimics the protection and dependability of our MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer. The MVC-SSD allows you to permanently destroy:  

  • USB’s 
  • PDA’s 
  • circuit boards 
  • cell/smartphones 
  • miniaturized electronic devices 
  • data storage media 

Our technology is designed to satisfy our customers needs in cyber security. More importantly, each of our devices are proudly approved by the United States Department of Defense’s National Security Agency (NSA). 

Do I Really Need The MVC-SSD?

The MVC-SSD is the smallest, most advanced data crushing tool of its kind. With over 20 tons of crushing power, both sides of your data components are crushed in under 30 seconds. Local government agencies, schools, clinics, hospitals, and social media developers can benefit from our advanced data crushing technology. In fact, your storage media never has to leave your secure server room or facilities for destruction with the MVC-SSD. 

At Phiston Technologies, are reliable crushing technology is centered around the need to permanently destroy your sensitive data. You’re invited to contact us to discuss your cyber security business needs today. 

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