Data Protection and Privacy in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations across North America today are all facing the same challenges when it comes to the balance between the security of patient data and the need for productivity. As data breaches become more and more frequent, these organizations are looking for solutions to help resolve these vulnerabilities. 

Full Disk Encryption

One of the best solutions to these problems is Full Disk Encryption, or FDE, along with the ability to manage encryption keys intelligently across multiple devices and platforms. Most health care organizations have some FDE on their machines already. However, their current solutions may not meet the standards they need for usability or properly protect data within their organizations, especially considering the increase in use of mobile and shared devices.

As companies look to expand the scope of the FDE solutions, they’re running into very real problems such as a secure access to shared devices.

Data at Rest

 A new method is to encrypt data at rest so that it cannot be read by unauthorized users or when laptops and devices are lost or stolen. Emerging security solutions can manage encryption keys intelligently to allow unlimited users to log on to a single device securely and easily, and can ensure that each user can only access those files he or she is intended to access without waiting for huge files to decrypt. This translates to real-time savings in what is always a time critical environment.

Local Key

Other solutions require a local key to grant users access. Most have a maximum limit of 200 to 500 unique keys, depending on the product. This creates a very real problem, especially on shared devices such as workstations, as these devices sometimes need to be accessed by dozens to potentially thousands of different and unique employees with limited keys on FDE. Advanced data solutions have the ability to connect active directory or a FDE while at the previewed authentication layer, allowing you to grant access through group policy to an unlimited number of users. This accessibility is available through both wired and wireless connectivity and even has a single sign on feature.

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