Data Destruction and Cyber Security

Big Brother

In a world as focused on technology as we are, privacy can become cumbersome.   Cameras watching our every move, microphones listening in to all our conversations, and strangers watching our internet activity without our knowledge.  In 2012, it came out that the retailer Target had coded algorithms that would scan a shopper’s habits and patterns down to minor idiosyncrasies.  They would then use this information to determine what ads or deals to send to the customer.  The story that went around was that Target knew a teenage girl was pregnant well before her father knew, so he ran into target outraged that they would try to coerce his daughter to get pregnant.  When the man found out, he apologized to the workers and management.  This story proves that we are being watched at all stages of our lives.  

The Brain Behind the Eyes

All the information that is recorded of us is saved in data banks all over the world.  Our keystrokes, searches, shopping patterns, preferences, gender, etc…  With the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks and even cyber warfare, that information has the capability to be made public.  So how would we, as a society, get rid of this information completely and effectively?  Data wiping is merely a roadblock for a determined hacker, and the bigger the business becomes, the more precaution must be taken.  Therefore, data destruction is the only logical choice for safety.

Why Us?

Destroying hard drives, servers, USBs, SSDs, etc… can be hazardous, and even ineffective, to do on your own.  That’s why professional data destruction companies are here to help.  Phiston is based in Miami, Florida, and we supply some of the best products to the biggest names in technology today.  Imagine if everyone’s Twitter searches, Facebook likes, and even confidential files made to police stations were exposed and put on the internet for anyone to see.  That is exactly what would happen if our services here at Phiston weren’t used.  We keep data safe, inaccessible, and out of the hands of cybercriminals.  We have even worked with the company at the forefront of privatized space travel and planetary colonization known as SpaceX.  

Our process is completely hands-off so you can rest assured that your information will not get out.  Overall, many of the biggest names in technology use us, and for good reason.  Data destruction is an efficient and, most importantly, effective way to assure that your data is not exposed.  In the MediaVise, your information will encounter 40,000 pounds (18.14 t) of pressure, effectively rendering it unreadable.  So, with all this in mind, why haven’t you been with us since the start?

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