Data Crushers: The Only Way To Be Sure

Sometimes it is hard to tell which reaches its expiration date sooner, a gallon of milk or a computer.  When it comes to operating systems upgrades, hardware, or even just the machine wearing out over just a few years of continuous use, computers always seem to be in need of refresh.  Many of these parts can be re-purposed on other machines, since monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals are durable and interchangeable.  But what about the storage devices on these machines?  Surely hard-drives can be swapped into other machines, right?

The answer to that question is absolutely not!  Hard drives, flash drives, and other storage media are a potential Achilles’s Heel when it comes to data security.  With just some basic know-how, and the right program, even an “erased” hard drive can be recovered, exposing all secured information to whomever is clever enough to dig for it.  It really doesn’t take too much cleverness to recover files that have been “deleted.”  In reality, the stops that have been created by the systems unit on the hard drive platter have just been ignored by the computer whenever something is deleted.  The information is still there, the code and all the data existing as little magnetically raised areas on the surface of the platter.  It hasn’t gone anywhere, unless you have a program that knows what to look for.

Data crushers, like the Phiston MediaVise HDD Destroyer is a hands-off approach to getting the job done.  Hard drives are simply fed into the device, and 40,000 lbs of pressure is applied to the drive.  In less than a minute, the drive is crushed, the read heads are mangled, and the platter is completely destroyed. The crushed drive is collected in a bin at the end of the process, ready to dispose of safely without potential injury to the operator (due to sharp edges which may be created during the process).

If you would like to know more about Phiston’s other crushers and hard drive destroyers, contact us today.  The only way to be sure your data is kept safe in expired technology is through a media destroyer.

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