Data Crushers Do what Software Disk Wipers Cannot

Many types of software exist that purport to be able to wipe hard drives and other data storage devices. Yet, we often hear of cases where the FBI or other law enforcement agencies recover data through advanced forensic techniques. What many people don’t realize is that these techniques are now known to criminals, and the crooks use them to steal private information from stored or discarded old data devices.

As this shows, there is only one true way to eliminate stored data in a way that it can’t be recovered: by destroying the device it’s stored on. Our data crushers do exactly that. They shred and mangle hard drives, CDs, DVDs, solid state drives, and more. Once a device has been put through the appropriate destroyer, there is no recovering whatever was on it. Even trying to piece it back together like a puzzle won’t work because the pieces are warped and otherwise damaged beyond all usefulness.

Phiston data crushers are perfect for both small and large operations. They make it easy to comply with regulations like HIPAA, which mandate that data be made unrecoverable before storage devices are thrown away. Your business won’t have to worry about liability relating to improperly-discarded data if you can show that you crushed and shredded all of the media containing it. Even better, you won’t have to spend a huge amount of time on the destruction process. Just pop the unwanted hard drive or other media into the slot, hit the button, and let the machine do its work. Within a few seconds to a couple of minutes, that media will be done with forever.

To learn more about our data destruction solutions, just contact us. We’ll be happy to recommend the appropriate solution to the media that you need to permanently elimina

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