Data Crushers, Extra Precautions and Common Sense: What Role Should Physical Cyber Security Play in Your Organization?

With all the buzz about cyber security, organizations are paying very little attention to the physical aspects of cyber security.

For many professionals, cyber security remains a vague concept; understood only by their IT departments or their MSPs; consisting of intangible products and concepts like software, updating, patching and the cloud. However, physical cyber security is just as important as the intangible aspects of it.

Many of the largest breaches in the world occurred because criminals got access to data because of physical device loss, because a device was left out for anyone to access or because the data was stored on an antiquated device.

What is Physical Cyber Security?

Part of physical cyber security is common sense and taking extra precautions. The other part is using the proper technology to manage, secure and dispose of data. You’re taking additional, physical measures to secure and restrict the data you handle electronically.


  • Have your staff physically lock down their workstations, files, zip drives, mobile devices, portable equipment and computers at the end of the workday and every time they step away from their desks.
  • Never leave papers or devices visible in the windows of empty cars or houses.
  • Shred everything.
  • Encrypt everything.
  • Understand that fax machines, printers and copiers store information as well. Keep them locked up when unattended and accessible only to approved staff. Destroy them completely when you’re finished using them.
  • Completely destroy all devices with a data crusher when you’re finished using them.
  • Lastly, minimize the Personal Identity Information, (PII), your organization handles electronically.

What is PII?

  • Complete names and middle initials,
  • Drivers’ license or State ID card numbers,
  • Social security numbers,
  • Financial account numbers like credit/debit card numbers,
  • Passwords, security answers, card codes, and
  • Medical and health insurance info

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