Data crushers: A necessary part of your data security plan

Every few days, there seems to be a new story grabbing headlines across the nation and the world. The personal information of millions of customers was stolen from this company; a data breach resulted in the exposure millions of email addresses or social security numbers from that company. As hackers discover new ways to take information from unsuspecting businesses, the business world is racing to stay a step ahead.
One part of data security that a lot of companies don’t give too much thought to is the protective measures that must be taken during the end-of-life phase of your technology. Everyone knows, of course, that computers, data-containing DVDs, USBs, mobile phones and other devices can’t be thrown in the garbage, and if one thinks about it for a few minutes, one realizes that the reasons to not do that go beyond regulations aimed at preventing toxic e-waste from going into landfills. There are major security problems with disposing of electronics that contain data in this manner, as well.
So, what are you supposed to do with your computers, laptops, DVDs, CDs, USBs and mobile devices when they’ve reached the end of their useful lives? The most secure way to render them useless is through the use of data crushers. Phiston Technologies has introduced several unique data destruction products to address the growing concern of information theft and data breaches. Designed to surpass the NSA standards for such products, our data crushers provide innovative features not found anywhere else in the industry.
Hackers are teaching all of us to be more careful in how we handle our data. That care must be carried through the full life-cycle of your data-containing devices. For more information on our data crushers, contact us.

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