The Dangers of Hard Drive Erasers

Many individuals and companies are put in the position of wanting to fully destroy the information on their hard drives, but also wanting to keep the hardware for re-use. In order to do this, people often employ the use of a hard drive eraser. Unfortunately, not only are many of these tools incredibly ineffective, but even the best cannot ensure total security.

The Problem

Many people assume that once they have deleted a file, the information is gone forever. This is simply not true. What actually happens is that the location of that data, i.e. where it is stored on the hard drive, is removed from the system’s memory. This keeps the file from being immediately accessible; however, unless someone writes new data over the old, then the original file will remain perfectly intact and waiting for malicious hands to discover it.

So the solution seems simple enough, just write new data over the old. And this is what most hard drive erase tools attempt to do.

However, not only will many of these tools fail to properly complete this task, but even the best hard drive erasers leave open the possibility for parts of your data being recovered by reversing the earlier process.

The Solution

For this reason, we have developed methods of fully and completely rendering data unreadable through the destruction of the hardware itself. Not only are our devices used by some of the leading technology companies in the world, but our products even surpass the NSA’s specifications for the safe destruction of data.

So if you have sensitive information that you need destroyed, don’t trust methods that have proven ineffective. Instead, contact us.

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