Why Consider Data Crushers for Your Community?

One of the best ways to serve your community is to offer members access to free or low-cost data crushing services. This is especially helpful for organizations that deal with senior citizens regularly. Many seniors are getting comfortable with mobile devices. However, many still know very little about how to keep their devices safe. They know even less about how to dispose of devices safely using data crushers.

A recent BizTech Magazine article by contributor Lenny Liebman discussed the many fun and innovative ways seniors are entering the mobile space. In addition to using smartphones and tablets more, they are exploring IoT devices. According to Leibmann, senior living is transforming as we enter a very new technology age.

Product designers are:

  • Focusing on UI and UX that is comfortable for senior users, and
  • Using customer analytics and big data to design products seniors will enjoy using

Health care is an industry that will likely experience a growth in senior-friendly mobility solutions over the next 5 to 10 years. CDW already offers a wide variety of monitoring and tracking solutions. The devices gather data that care teams, patients and their families can use.

Other trends and changes the article discussed included:

  • Technology like easy-to-use video conferencing platforms and visual doorbells, and
  • Smart home technology, (all-in-one systems that allow seniors to manage multiple aspects of their homes like paying bills, shopping, scheduling housekeeping, medication alerts, etc.)

All these technologies will allow seniors to stay in their homes longer and have a better quality of life. However, at the same time, most of these technologies are gathering volumes of personal data and even some personally-identifiable information at the same time. At a certain point, seniors must understand how crucial it is to destroy devices they no longer need.

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