Consider Creating a Data Destruction Policy for Improved Data Security

Data security is priority number one for business owners. Data breaches occur now more than ever either by accident or by a malicious hacker. It is important to take the steps necessary to create a data destruction policy. Having a reliable policy in place can help limit the damage caused should a data breach occur. You can save on potential fines as well as any time needed during a mitigation process.

How Vulnerable is Your Data?

Take the time to recognize how vulnerable your company data is. A data breach can occur in any number of ways. Employees can often misplace laptops or other hardware with sensitive data on them. Hackers can gain access to your network and swipe company data. Improper data destruction methods can also leave your highly sensitive data exposed. It is important to include in your policy how to properly destroy hard drives, wipe data from mobile devices, and more.

Choose a Data Destruction Method

If you recycle or resell your business equipment, you must ensure that the data stored on hard drives and other media devices is properly destroyed. An effective method of destroying data is to physically destroy hard drives through crushing or shredding. Wiping data is not always the safest method and is not something you want to leave in the hands of a vendor. Even if they confirm that they have wiped all data, it does not guarantee that the data is not recoverable.

Proper data destruction is integral to any business. Creating a secure data destruction policy can help minimize the damage caused should your business become victim to a security breach.

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