Collaboration – The Enemy of Data Security

Cloud computing has entered the cross-hairs of experts longing for data security. A seemingly continuous stream of data breaches all link back to cloud computing, validating the concerns. But according to the Harvard Business Review, it may be time to look beyond cloud computing for the real threat to data security: collaboration.

A culture of collaboration is essential especially in larger and decentralized companies, which need to share data electronically in order to work well together. But, as the Harvard Business Review puts it,

In the event of a data breach, the IT department is usually blamed for failing to control the security of the organization’s information, when in fact the prevailing culture throughout the organization has undermined IT’s risk-management efforts.

Collaboration as a problem? Of course, we don’t suggest that different business units in your organization should simply stop talking to each other. Collaboration is absolutely essential to getting business results, and data sharing – be it via cloud computing or otherwise – is a necessary part of that collaboration.

Still, it’s important to look at collaboration-centric cultures and realize that data breaches are a dangerous possibilities. Each business has to find its own way of dealing with this problem, but keeping data safe – especially if it’s sensitive financial or consumer information – should be absolutely paramount.

How does your company go about protecting its data? Do you make sure that shared data on USB sticks, hard drives, DVDs or BluRay disks is destroyed after it’s no longer useful? If not, it may be time to contact us. Our data crushers follow NSA guidelines in making absolutely sure that sensitive data that you don’t need anymore is destroyed and safe from a breach.

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