Cloud Computing and the Need for Hard Drive Destruction

The explosive growth of cloud computing has brought with it a lot of benefits for business of all sizes. Consolidation, cost-effectiveness, and remote access are just a few of the reasons for cloud computing’s exponential growth. However, new technology often means new security threats. Security in cloud computing has been a popular topic in the data center industry for several years now. Among the best practices for protecting digital information, hard drive destruction is one of the most effective strategies.

Destroying Data: Physically and in the Cloud

A major question that has come up recently is whether or not data in the cloud is truly secure. When it comes to larger companies with sensitive data, this is an important question. When data is deleted in the cloud, is it recoverable, or is it truly destroyed? The recent cyber attacks on Target show just how important it is to understand data destruction as it pertains to the cloud. Everyone knows that simply deleting a file or tossing it in the recycling bin doesn’t really do anything. Hard drive crushing and cloud data erasure accomplish complete destruction for both active and retired or redundant data.

Hard Drive Crushing and Server Upgrades

Data crushing also allows companies to reuse or dispose of outdated hardware systems. Wiping and throwing away old hardware is not nearly enough to protect sensitive information. Companies use hard drive crushers to eradicate data completely, meaning the hardware can be safely disposed of, sold, or recycled. This leads to a reduction of e-waste, especially when companies are switching outdated legacy systems for cloud servers.

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