CD Destruction: Keeping Your Most Sensitive Information Away from Prying Eyes

Unfortunately, destroying data is imperative to keeping your most sensitive information safe from data thieves. As technology becomes more advanced, companies and public facilities have had to beef up security in order to prevent breach. Using a layered approach is vital to total security protection. 
Phiston has recently unveiled the MediaDice. This breakthrough device exceeds expectation for blu-ray, dvd, credit card, driver’s licence, Id badge, and Cd destruction . By implementing 90 years of combined industry experience, Phiston Technologies proudly offers the most cutting-edge and innovative destructive devices currently available. 
The auto-feeder of the MediaDice is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing for up to 200 disc destruction per use if need be. The hardened steel knife mill aggressively pulverizes your media into recyclable waste; effectively destroying any trace of data content. 
The MediaDive’s is especially compact, fitting easily on a desktop platform. Don’t let its size fool you, the MediaDice exceeds NSA specification for data destruction. The device offers complete incineration of optical media, effectively reducing the media to to an ash pile 11 times smaller than required by NSA/CSS specifications.
Though the MediaDice packs a powerful punch, it can plug into any 15Amp power outlet without the use of an adapter. The device also has forgone the use of regular lubrication, inferior devices often require regular maintenance of the lubrication systems, MediaDice can operate oil-free. The blades used to slice and dice your media are made of hardened steel, this means no need for regular replacement or sharpening. All-in-all, the MediaDice is the most highly effective, low maintenance media destruction device currently available on the market today. 
Phiston has provided the ultimate device for media destruction. Boasting the lightest, most cost effective, fully automatic destroyer on the market, the MediaDice will surpass your expectations, guaranteeing worry-free destruction of your most sensitive information. Please contact us for more information.

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