Does Your Business Need Data Crushers? A Checklist

You may not think you need them. Until suddenly, your company experiences a data leak, and you wish you had used them to begin with. We’re talking of course about data destroyers, which can reliably destroy your hard drives without leaving pieces of the data that can potentially still be recovered. Does your business need data crushers? The below checklist should help you answer that question.

  1. Have you experienced previous data problems? Naturally, businesses who are actively looking to better secure their data should at least consider the product.
  2. Do you handle sensitive data? Whether you digitally store sensitive customer data or employee records, you may want to consider a system that enables you to reliably destroy the data once it’s no longer needed. From social security numbers to credit cards, you don’t want this type of information floating around exposed to potential damage.
  3. Do a variety of people have access to your data? If you are a one-person business, you probably won’t need a data crusher. If, on the other hand, more than one person handles and has access to the sensitive data you store, you may want to consider the technology. Otherwise, the potential of employee turnover potentially leaves your data exposed.
  4. Do you operate in a competitive industry? Asked differently, would your competitors have something to gain from getting access to your data? If they do, don’t underestimate the chance they’ll try to get their hands on it.


A data breach can lead to significant problems for your business, both legally and ethically. Data crushers can help you ensure that your data remains safe and safe from breaches that could harm your company, customers, and employees. To learn more about the technology, and just how these products keep your data and company safe, contact us.

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