Blu ray destroyer offers ultimate data destruction

The problem with storing electronic records is the industry is getting better and better at it. Yes, this is a problem because when it comes time to destroy those records beyond recovery, the task is harder than ever.

The blu ray disc offers a tremendous amount of storage in a medium that is incredibly tough. It’s so tough that it can be scraped with steel wool. People have driven over them. Discs have been poked full of holes.

And yet, the data can be recovered. There’s plenty of software out there to help people get information from corrupted or damaged discs. If the disc is damaged beyond what a regular computer can read, there are companies which can pull the information from a blu ray. They can even read part of a disc, one with holes in it or a broken one.

Sometimes data has to be destroyed beyond any hope of recovery. Fire gets the job done, but setting fire to a stack of blu ray discs just a bad idea for a lot of reasons. Putting the disc in a microwave can do the job, but that runs the risk of ruining the microwave. There’s no guarantee the disc can’t be read even in that condition.

The best solution is the Phiston MediaDice. Turn the device on, drop the disc in and forget about it. The crushed fragments are totally unreadable. The bits can be tossed out with other trash with no worries about someone digging through the garbage to find discs to read to steal information.

Phiston Technologies is dedicated to providing safe, secure and absolute destruction of electronic storage devices. If you need a better way to eliminate information theft from worn out and obsolete devices, contact us.

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