Best ways to destroy your Media

Best ways to destroy your Media


Certain pieces of media cannot simply be disposed of as they still have quite a bit of your personal information sitting on them that an enterprising hardware expert or hacker could easily get access. This could potentially result in a rather serious situation like your personal information winding up for sale on the internet shortly after you dispose of an old hard drive or a gaming device you logged into a personal account through. The best way to circumvent this is to have these media devices destroyed as thoroughly as possible so these hackers cannot access your data from them.

Media Destruction Methods

There are several methods that can be used to destroy media is to either erase the device’s storage unit’s data using magnets so that no data can be accessed on it by using magnets to wipe the unit clean of data (or as clean of data as you can expect) or to physically destroy the device so that it is in so many little pieces that it just can’t be accessed at all by crushing the storage device into so many pieces that it’s impossible for any data thief to gain access to the data that was found on that drive simply due to the storage being in so many pieces.

The method of destroying media where the storage is simply crushed into tiny pieces can be carried out in a few different ways. The first is an electronic knife mill which can dissolve hundreds of SSDs into an electronic dust quickly and easily. This method is best used if you need to dispose of a large number of storage units extremely quickly. However, it’s only really reasonable to use this for disposing of solid state drives as larger, standard-sized hard drives are normally too large to be disposed of in this manner.

The main difference between this and the method employed for mechanical hard drives is that the mechanical drives are simply dented and bent out of shape as much as possible in order to crush as much of the internal components as you can to make the drive’s contents inaccessible. While this method isn’t foolproof, it does make accessing stored data much more difficult than simply relying on luck or deleting the files.

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