The Best On-Site Hard Drive Destroyer

Data protection is a skill that is highly sought after in today’s market. Most companies use anti-virus software, firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption and other methods to keep their stored and in-transit data safe from the prying efforts of nefarious characters. They spend time training their staff to avoid phishing schemes, whether through email or telephone calls. Eventually, all electronic devices become obsolete and need to be disposed of. Data is transferred to a new device, and the old device is put into a pile with others waiting for an opportune time to be disposed of.

The storage media, usually a hard drive, optical disk, thumb drive or mobile device sits in a room or storage closet waiting for a pickup from a salvage vendor or disposal company with the data intact on the device. These disposal activities take place on monthly, quarterly or annual schedules. The devices are then turned over to the vendor to deal with, and in some cases, you get a certificate of destruction for the media.

While the devices are waiting for destruction, they can be accessed by any number of employees or contractors. This creates a potential for unauthorized access to the information contained on these storage media types. In some instances, the storage media is removed from the device and sits in an area that is unaudited until someone comes along with a giant magnet, drill, hammer, and chisel, or another mechanical method, to render the component unusable. Some methods are effective, some are not, and again the data is available and accessible during this phase.

A better way to address these concerns would be to destroy the media retention device immediately when it is taken out of service. This should be achieved in an environmentally safe manner. Employee safety is also important in this process as is ease of use. Various regulations from HIPPA, to SOX, require protection of sensitive information. The best way to ensure this is to destroy the data retention device.

Phiston Technologies, a leader in the hard drive destruction arena, provides several cost-effective products for destroying retention media on premises. Their, MediaVise is a clear example of their innovative, ergonomic, easy to use approach to destroying outdated and obsolete media storage equipment.

MediaVise is a desktop unit that allows you to destroy desktop, and laptop hard drives, along with optical media (CD/DVD), Smart Phones, Cell Phones, and PDAs in moments and is compliant with the standards issued by the NSA. Simply turn on the MediaVise, drop the unit into the opening at the top, push the crush button and it will exert 40,000 pounds of pressure to crush the device, rendering it incapable of being accessed again.

It’s ergonomic and safety features, such as HEPA filtration and hands-free execution, will make your Employee Health and Safety group happy. The relatively small size (two feet tall, one foot wide), allow it to be placed inside a small IT room or closet.

While compliance issues often drive the requirements of data protection, physical protection of outdated equipment often gets overlooked. Auditing of storage media that is removed from equipment is almost non-existent in most organizations. Removing these devices from existence immediately, permanently, safely and in a cost-efficient manner, prevents unwarranted and unauthorized access. Visit us today to see the additional products we offer in the area of device destruction to enable you to meet a data protection need that you may not know that you have.

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