Are You Prepared to Securely Dispose of Solid-State Drives?

Does your organization dispose of solid-state drives while leaving data intact? Improper disposal of solid-state drives or SSDs can leave your data exposed to breaches. Solid-state drives are commonly used in modern computers and laptops for quick boot drives and data storage as the technology becomes affordable and reliable.

Protect the Sensitive Information on Your Solid-State Drives

Many organizations have upgraded from hard disk drives to solid-state drives. Most modern business laptops include a solid-state drive, and high-performance server systems take advantage of 3D NAND and NVMe technology in SSDs. Solid-state drives have less longevity than magnetic hard disk drives due to their limited ability to write and erase the flash cells. This means your organization will likely have SSDs for disposal sooner than you might think. Does your organization have an efficient and secure method of destroying solid-state drives as they begin to degrade? 

A wealth of data is accessible on solid-state drives long after they have been removed from production, and even if they are no longer working. When your solid-state drives are retired due to malfunction or system upgrades, the drive must be properly destroyed. Wiping the drive with software or disposing of broken drives is not enough to prevent a data breach by those with the tools and intent to recover the data from the drive.

What Is the Solution to Destroying Solid State Drives?

Phiston Technologies specializes in secure data destruction solutions for on-site drive disposal. Organizations can destroy solid-state drives and other flash media using the available variations of the MediaDice SSD and MediaVise SSD. MediaDice SSD and MediaVise SSD leave the drive in a state that ensures the information cannot be recovered. The destruction methods have been evaluated by the National Security Agency of the United States for the secure destruction of solid-state drives containing sensitive information to prevent data breaches.

If you want a solution to your secure SSD disposal, contact us today for more information. Keep your data secure by properly destroying your old storage media and save your company from a data breach.

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