A new weapon in Data Center Security

Complete destruction of a hard drive is more than just punching a few holes in the drive and disk. This kind of damage destroys only a fraction of the disk. The vast majority of the drive remains readable to someone with time and the ability to run a physically broken drive. It’s not hard to do this.

To be rendered unreadable, a hard drive must be destroyed beyond recovery. Simply erasing the drive won’t do it. Breaking it in half won’t do it. Warping it certainly won’t do.

A lot of people in the hobby computer repair business recover information from disks damaged a lot worse than just a single hole. Some are paid and some do it in exchange for the hardware. A greater worry is the people who look for junked electronics in dumps and junkyards. They can pull hard drives from any device and take it home to access data in them. Serious cyber criminals look at hard drives with a single punched hole as a potential gold mine. Are you willing to risk your company’s information and that of clients and customers?

So what are companies with a lot of computers, copiers and other electronic storage supposed to do? Dealing with the old media storage is a major security concern. For companies that deal in highly sensitive and personal information, this need for secure destruction is even greater.

The Phiston MediaVise Rackmount hard disk crusher provides a level of on-site security rarely found anywhere. It can be placed within a secure location of any business and is easy and safe to operate. It provides unprecedented levels of destruction that exceeds the needs of any agency’s IT concerns.

It starts with a 20-ton crusher that takes the entire hard drive and presses it between two plates. These patented corrugated crushers also grind the disk surfaces and the read heads in the drive. The drive is not folded or punched with one or a few holes. The entire surface is rendered unusable, except for scrap recycling.

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