A hard drive crusher good enough for the NSA

Information is a valuable commodity when it comes to just about any aspect of our lives.  The current era is often called the “Information Age,” a term which not only reflects the use of data but also our dependence on it.  From personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, or any variety of information you might not think is critical, there is a good chance it is still considered valuable in the wrong hands.  Identity theft might not seem as scary as other types of theft, such as burglary or mugging, but anyone who has been a victim of identity theft has felt no less violated, confused, or angry at having been robbed.  In many ways, it becomes more personal, with the thieves continuing to commit crimes with that person’s identity!  Some of which, unfortunately, the victim might find themselves being investigated for.

When you commit to data security, you are making sure that your clients, employees, and anyone else you serve is being protected.  This is why every detail in information technology management must be considered.  Not only firewalls, encryption, and password protection, but the physical information stored on the drives in your servers and systems units alike.

Phiston Technologies is the leading company for hard drive crushers today.  Each hard drive crusher is built to National Security Agency specs when it comes to the destruction of mountable volumes.  Hard drives, DVD/CD/BluRays, solid state devices such as thumb drives, and everything in between will be rendered into unusable bits and pieces, thanks to compression and carbide steel tipped teeth, which mangle and separate all types of storage media.  Accept no substitute for complete physical destruction when it comes to rendering your storage volumes unable to be used once they are retired.  Demagnetizing, reformatting, breaking, or even burning isn’t enough.

Phiston Technologies provide the best method of complete hard drive destruction available.  Contact us to get started today in protecting your most valued assets.

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