A Hard Disk Crusher is the Answer to Your Disposal Needs

Scan the pages of online auction sites.  Within them you will find second-hand disk drives for sale, many still containing personal information.  Just in February of this year, the Indiana State Medical Association had two backup hard disk drives stolen while being transported to an off-site storage location.  This resulted in over 39,000 patients having to be informed that their personal information may have been compromised.  In December of 2014 the Boston Baskin Cancer Federation experienced the theft of a hard drive.  This case potentially exposed over 56,ooo patients to identity theft.

Not all data breaches are the result of malware or hacking.  There is just as much risk from theft of the hardware itself.  Why go through great pains to ensure firewalls and security software are top of the line?  Why place primary hard drives in a secure location, encrypt them, and keep them password protected, if you do not invest just as much thought to the disposal of them?

In today’s age of information and identity theft, how you handle your hard disk disposal is integral to your overall information security.  It should be an area of real consideration.  A hard disk crusher is an invaluable asset to that process. By producing pressure to mangle the platters and read heads of the drives, it renders the information on them unreadable.

Our MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer crushes and grinds every square inch of data storage surface.  Its crushing plate delivers 20 tons of pressure, rendering any device completely unreadable. Safe, clean, and secure enough for any work environment.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer or any other of our other automated crushing systems.

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  • Denis says:

    Just wanted to ask (though it’s not relnvaet to the above post) whether it is possible to boot windows from an external HDD and eventually using the external storage disk as the new HD. Internal HD on laptop crashed. Thanks dude!

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