5 Reasons Why Secure Hard Drive Destruction Benefits Your Business

When it comes time to get rid of old hard drives in your organization, it is important to make every effort to avoid data breaches. While it may seem more cost-effective to eliminate the drives yourself, you run the risk of your data being retrieved and used maliciously. The most secure method for hard drive destruction is to hire a professional company which specializes in the proper destruction of electronic data storage media.

Your Data is Unrecoverable

Criminals can easily retrieve data on erased hard drives, somewhat damaged hard drives, or hard drives that are simply thrown away. Wiping the data on a hard drive does not guarantee the data is completely removed. Physical destruction using high-security data destruction machines can securely destroy and make any data unrecoverable.

Avoid Hefty Fines

Businesses face heavy fines when they do not properly dispose of their data storage media. Each time there is a security breach, your business may end up losing thousands of dollars towards fines. Avoiding these fines is easy by using a professional data destruction company.

Free Up Office Space

Storing old hard drives can take up valuable space in your workplace. Destroying these hard drives is not only time-consuming but risky if you are not using a high-security data destruction machine. In order to save time and free up office space quickly, you can enlist the help of a hard drive destruction company.

Ensure Your Company is in Regulatory Compliance

A professional data destruction company is knowledgeable about regulations for destroying data storage media. It is their job to follow these laws and ensure your business remains compliant. This eliminates the worry of fines as well as ensuring your hard drives are properly disposed of according to the laws that apply to electronic data storage media.

Complete Removal of All Data

A data destruction company can ensure that all of the data on your data storage media is completely removed. They accomplish this by physically destroying the hard drives using a high-security media destroyer.  This will render data on hard drives unrecoverable. This means that data cannot be retrieved even when using modern forensic techniques.

Contact us today to learn about our electronic data destruction service. We can securely destroy all your sensitive data storage media and ensure your company is in regulatory compliance.

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