4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Hard Drive Crusher

Data breaches are not only inconvenient, they can be dangerous and crippling to your business. But just how do you avoid them?

One way is to train your employees about the sensitivity of data. But often, that is not enough; human nature and human error can combine to increase your business risk, which is why you may need additional solutions. If one of the 4 scenarios below applies to your business, you need a hard drive crusher.

1) Employee Turnover

First, any business with a relatively high degree of employee turnover needs to consider ways in which a worker leaving does not mean the data leaves with them. Destroying data reliably becomes a priority to avoid a potential leak.

2) Sensitive Data

Of course, handling sensitive data is another reason to make sure it stays safe. Whether you hold your customer’s private and financial information or your company’s internal documents, you may store them for bookkeeping purposes. But once their validity expires, what do you do? Simply hitting ‘delete’ is not enough. Just like you need to shred sensitive paperwork, you should reliably and irrevocably destroy sensitive data.

3) Past Issues

This one is obvious: if you have had to deal with a data breach in the past, you should take measures to ensure it does not happen again. That means analyzing reasons for the breach, and taking action as soon as possible. More often than not, that action includes a better way to store and destroy your data to prevent a repeat.

4) Proactive Thinking

In reality, though, you should not wait for an issue to pop up before you take action on data security. Any successful business has to rely on proactive thinking in all of its sector, acting not just after a problem necessitates action but proactively to ensure the problem never occurs in the first place. How much do you know about your data security? Do you truly have the best plan in place to ensure that all of your data is safe?

If you are not sure about either of the above questions, you need to take action. So why not go with a hard drive crusher that follows NSA requirements? To learn more about data security and how to safely destroy your old data, contact us.

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