4 Higher Education Departments That Can Benefit From Data Crusher

Anyone who works in a higher education institution knows just how much sensitive information is stored in various databases and departments. Confidentiality is key for many individual divisions, which is why the below 4 higher education departments can especially benefit from data crushers.

1) The Admissions Office

Most college applications include a variety of personal information, from contact and parent data to social security numbers and, especially if the FAFSA is stored within your database, financial information. Keeping this information confidential is key, especially for students who may have chosen to attend a different institution and whose applications have become irrelevant for you.

2) The Advancement Office

This is undoubtedly the most obvious department in need of data crushers. The advancement office stores donor credit card information, in many cases handwritten on sheets of paper because the numbers were obtained via phone. When it becomes outdated, this data needs to be reliably destroyed as soon as possible.

3) The Finance or Business Office

This office holds the key to both internal and external finances, and is often responsible for aspects like employee payroll. But it may also be in charge of the countless loans that come in for individual students, making safe data destruction paramount.

4) The Student Affairs Division

This office does not typically hold financial information. But it does hold a range of confidential data, such as student infractions. As in the other examples above, safekeeping of this data is important to avoid ethical and legal trouble.

Fortunately, all three of the above examples can benefit from a simple device: a data crusher, which reliably destroys sensitive data reliably and permanently. To learn more about data crushers, and how they can benefit the various departments within your university, contact us.

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