4 Features an Effective Hard Drive Destroyer Needs

As we have discussed in detail in this blog and throughout our website, a variety of professional situations call for the reliable destruction of hard drives. Data security is becoming more essential than ever before, especially in companies that handle sensitive customer and financial information.

However, not every hard drive destroyer is created equal. The reason we’re so confident in our products is that they include each of the 4 below features, which are essential to make sure your old and unusable data is destroyed both reliably and conveniently.

1) Sufficient Force

First things first: Sufficient force is necessary to crush your hard drive. Our device offers 20 tons of destructive force, reliably destroying the media for good.

2) Convenient Size

With a compact device, you don’t have to entrust your hard drive to an external entity. Instead, you can keep it in your office, and even under your desk.

3) Noise Suppression

Similarly, you want to be sure to use a device quiet enough to be approved by OSHA for in-office use. That means a threshold of 85db, which our devices consistently come in under.

4) Certifications

Finally, it makes sense to find a device that has been externally validated to do its job. For instance, consider our MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer, which has been evaluated by the NSA and RCMP to do its job reliably for any kind of data.

Given our increasingly volatile digital climate, your business should make sure to protect itself from all vulnerabilities. Contact us to learn more about our products, and find a destroyer that works for you.

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