4 Attributes to Look For in a Hard Drive Destroyer

1. Quietness:

In day-to-day operations, businesses want their machine to be as quiet as possible when in use; even if the destroyer is in a dedicated space or in the basement, the last thing they want is everyone in the building to know the destroyer is at work.

Phiston Technologies understands this need and has designed and engineered our machines to be as quiet as possible; for instance, the MediaVise HDD Destroyer suppresses the noise to only 65 db, which is lower than the 85 db acceptable to OSHA for workplaces – about the equivalent of an air conditioning unit at 100 ft.

2. Air Quality:

Businesses don’t want their hard drive destroyer blowing debris all over the office, or the space where they’re operating. This would reduce the air quality and cause damage to workers and other equipment over time.

Phiston has businesses covered with clean air, as our destroying machines are equipped with HEPA Filtration systems that trap potentially harmful airborne particulates during the crushing process.

3. Total Destruction:

When businesses invest in a hard drive destroyer, they want total destruction. The MediaVise HDD Destroyer gets the job done by delivering over 20 tons of force for total destruction; within 30 seconds the hard drive’s magnetic storage platters, controller and read heads are totally destroyed.

4. Portability and Size:

One of the key attributes to the MediaVise HDD is its portability; at just 170 to 185 lbs, it can be moved around without a forklift or an extreme effort by work crews. The 27″ x 22″ x 12 1/4″ dimensions are about as compact as it gets for being a commercial-capacity hard drive destroyer.


These 4 attributes are important when it comes to the day-to-day operation of a hard drive destroyer. Investing in a hard drive destroyer is an important long-term decision, which is why these attributes, as well as others, should be carefully considered.

The MediaVise HDD Destroyer we’ve highlighted is only one of the 10 quality products Phiston Technologies offers businesses and organizations for their hard drive destroying needs. With innovation and ingenuity, our Florida-based company offers the best of the best when it comes to hard drive destruction. Contact us today to learn more.

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