3 Situations that Call for a Hard Drive Destroyer

Do you really ever need a physical device that makes a hard drive you no longer use impossible to recover? If your company ever handles financial, personal, or other sensitive data, you absolutely do. More specifically, here are 3 situations in which this device will become crucial.

1) An Employee With Access Leaves

How can you make sure that employee does not take data with them out the door? Most cyber attacks in the United States actually occur not through virtual hacking, but physical data theft. Destroying the hard drive of any exiting employee can help to ensure that won’t be a problem for your business.

2) A Data Breach is Detected

Not all cyber crime consists of data theft. Consider the recent WannaCry issue, a malware virus that affected thousands of computer systems and companies around the globe. When malware strikes, you need to react quickly. At some point, that might include destroying your existing and infected data, which is where a hard drive destroyer comes in handy.

3) You Are Moving Your Data Storage to the Cloud

Finally, what happens if your on-premise data becomes superfluous? An increasing number of businesses are moving their data to remote storage for easier access and better security. In that case, though, you need to make sure that the data that has been moved no longer exists locally and is no longer exposed to danger. And again, that’s where a hard drive destroyer enters the equation.

Ultimately, of course, a hard drive destroyer makes sense to own for any business that can potentially take advantage of it at any point. The above three situations are only a few of many examples in which this device can become crucial.

What you need, then, is a quality hard drive destroyer that can reliably extinguish your data. For help in that regard, contact us. We’d love to help you get the devices you need to help ensure data security and integrity for years to come.

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