Monthly Archives: September 2020

Improper Storage Disposal Risks Breaches In Data Security

Mention the topic of data security and what usually comes to mind are firewalls, antivirus programs, and other commonly used cybersecurity tools. However, what many businesses fail to recognize is that the improper disposal of stored data poses as much of a security risk as a hacker does. Permanent data destruction can be a complex and confusing […]

Securing Your Information With Data Destruction Technology

Over the years, there has been a large amount of misinformation floating around about destroying data or wiping data on hard drives. If you do not want to accidentally hand over your company’s data or your employees’ and customers’ personal and confidential information to a competitor or a criminal, there are some important things you […]

Mitigate The Risks With Proper Data Security Measures

The importance of proper and secure data destruction and IT asset disposal have grown significantly due to the various industry concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 continues to trigger major changes in the way we work and conduct business. There has been an increase in remote working and remote learning. More virtual meetings and conference […]

Keep the Insider Information Inside

Let’s face it: we’re all trading in our space-absorbing desktops and ship anchor-like laptops for sleek, light tablets and smartphones for cloud storage. Our data can easily be transferred through various internet services and accessed with a simple internet connection, making the concept of large storage devices like hard drives fade into the past. Financial […]