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Hands-Free Hard Drive Destruction for Any Business

Hard drives are banks filled with sensitive data that pertain to your business. To keep your data out of the hands (and machines) of others, a reliable method of destroying the hard drive is more than necessary.  Phiston Technologies offers hard drive destroying solutions that makes data security, easy, portable, and entirely hands-free. Our in-house […]

Protect Your Business With Hard Drive Destruction Services

Government agencies, medical offices, small businesses, and large corporations all have some aspects in common when it comes to the way they operate their business. One of the main things they have in common is the way they create data, save it, and circulate it. Although hard copies of documents are not a complete thing […]

The Importance of Media Destruction and the Fallacy of Soft Deletion

Modern file systems and storage hardware are excellent at storing data. All of them excel at grabbing and holding sensitive files, as they have been designed to do. Their ability to keep information secure for longer is constantly improving. However, in the time spanning from punch cards to SSDs, very little has improved in their […]

Manage the Data Life Cycle With a Hard Drive Crusher

An on-site hard drive crusher can allow businesses to effectively dispose of their own computer drives without involving outside parties. This keeps the cycle of drive use and disposal predictable and safe. Purchase of hard drive crushers is easy through a supplier like Phiston, which develops units that are lightweight and small enough to fit […]

Are You Prepared to Securely Dispose of Solid-State Drives?

Does your organization dispose of solid-state drives while leaving data intact? Improper disposal of solid-state drives or SSDs can leave your data exposed to breaches. Solid-state drives are commonly used in modern computers and laptops for quick boot drives and data storage as the technology becomes affordable and reliable. Protect the Sensitive Information on Your […]