Monthly Archives: April 2019

How to Comply With the Data Breach Notification Laws

The new Data Breach Notification Laws came into effect in February 2018. Now you may be asking yourself, “Do these laws affect me?” They’d affect any business which either has a revenue of $3 million or over or deals with a client’s TFN. Kamino recently surveyed advisers, accountants, and superannuation funds, and asked them specifically […]

Tips on How to Find the Right Company to Outsource Your Hard Disk Crushing

Was your company’s technology recently compromised? If so, you should seriously consider destroying your hard disk and other hardware. Many businesses decide to outsource their hard disk crushing needs to an experienced professional who can safely do the job at an affordable rate. Below are several questions you should ask when trying not find a qualified […]

Prevent Data Recovery of Discarded Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are increasingly used in the workplace because they have many advantages over traditional hard drives. As a result of having fewer moving parts, they have substantially faster read times than hard drives. They last much longer on average and as prices have decreased per gigabyte of storage, they have become more economical […]