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Do You Need Complete Data Security? Use a Hard Drive Crusher

Many companies have taken strong steps to improve their data security. Sites run with secure certificates (SSL capabilities), paper-based information is kept in locked cabinets, and computers have strong passwords protecting sensitive information. These are all good steps, and if your company has taken them, it has done much to protect the information it has […]

Hard Disk Erasers vs Crushing: Go All the Way

When it comes to hard drives, you might think that data security is as simple as reformatting the drive, While this sort of data deletion may make the information inaccessible by casual means, it’s not the complete and total erasure that you might think; people who are determined may still be able to access data […]

Data Crushers: Debunking The Most Common Data Destruction Myths

There are a lot of myths associated with data destruction and these myths can often keep companies from making the best possible decisions. Now that more and more businesses are relying on data crushers to assist them with their disposal processes, it is imperative for would-be clients to learn more about all of the data […]

Data Security: How Secure Destruction Assists Businesses

When it comes time for a company to properly dispose of their data, security takes on an added level of importance. After all, simply wiping the data away is not always sufficient. There is a wide range of negative outcomes that can result from this practice. Phiston Technologies specializes in the sort of secure destruction […]