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4 Attributes to Look For in a Hard Drive Destroyer

1. Quietness: In day-to-day operations, businesses want their machine to be as quiet as possible when in use; even if the destroyer is in a dedicated space or in the basement, the last thing they want is everyone in the building to know the destroyer is at work. Phiston Technologies understands this need and has […]

You security is in good hands with a Phiston hard drive crusher

The other day, I saw a video an old friend from high school had posted on social media.  He was wearing his wife’s sunglasses and smashing hard drives, CD’s, and thumbdrives on the curb outside a vacant lot for the company he worked for.  The sunglasses were very large, covered in rhinestones, and he thought […]

What Should You Do with Outdated Business Hard Drives?

Data protection is one of the most important business priorities for 2018. Increased data regulation and public backlash for poor security are forcing companies to build up internal cybersecurity procedures and fast responses to data leaks. In response to this, more and more companies are switching to data storage in the cloud. When third parties […]