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Methods of Responsible Hard Drive Destruction

Disposing of computer hard drives is a rather tricky matter. Unless the drive is all but destroyed or has all of the data contained on it magnetically wiped, it is perfectly feasible for an experienced technician to retrieve the data found on the drive and make it accessible again. To avoid this, the best approach […]

A hard drive destroyer is the best way to keep your data safe

As long as there have been people there has been the need to record information.  One of the earliest forms of writing, cuneiform, was used by ancient Sumerians to keep track of anything from written tradition to business records.  One of the earliest accounts of keeping records was a complaint tablet to Ea-Nasir, who has the historical […]

Three Business Consequences of Poor Data Security

Businesses understand the importance of security. They lock their doors, install alarms, and hire security guards. Unfortunately, too many of them don’t give their data security the same priority as their physical security. They underestimate both their risk of becoming a data breach victim and its consequences to their business. All businesses, large or small, […]

Don’t Just Throw Away Your Printer

When a printer reaches the end of its life, the easy thing to do is just junk it. If you do this, you could be putting unprotected confidential data on the truck. A business-class printer generally has a hard disk drive or solid-state drive for queuing jobs. Huge quantities of reports, diagrams, and correspondence could […]