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Dumpster Diving: a Serious Security Threat Requiring Hard Drive Destruction

Dumpster diving is a security threat that’s every bit as real as that posed by online hackers. Failing to protect one’s business from those who would exploit the information available in the trash invites victimization by cyber criminals. Even though it’s hard to picture yourself engaging in such a distasteful task, others willingly do it […]

How Cyber Criminals Profit from Poor Data Security: 2 Examples

Data security lapses can and do lead to data breaches. Depending on what happens to the stolen information, the damage can be severe to such a degree that the victimized company may be forced out of business. Victimized businesses may face customer lawsuits, fines, increased insurance rates, and loss of their loyal customer base. A damaged […]

Why You Should Invest in a Hard Disk Destroyer

The vast majority of office workers today use a computer on a daily basis. Once a computer is dated and no longer functional, you must figure out what to do with the hard drive. One great option would be to use a hard drive disk destroyer as destroying a hard drive will provide you with […]