Monthly Archives: February 2018

Keep Your Treasures Safe with a Hard Disk Crusher

Not so long ago, the best place for documents, valuables, and secure information was in a safe.  A big clunky box of steel with a lock and only a few people with that combination to access whatever was being kept out of other people’s hands.  Digital information is a lot more abstract.  Private information, data, […]

The Role of Employees in Your Data Security

It’s easy to confuse data security with a strong firewall and other protections against cyber attacks. But while this aspect of the concept is undoubtedly important to making sure that any confidential and data you store remains safe, it’s far from the entire strategy. In fact, your employees may be the single biggest determinant on […]

Crush Your Data Concerns with a Hard Drive Crusher

Just because you’re done with your old computer doesn’t mean it’s done with you. Even if you do a cursory wipe of all the data you can see, as long as the hard drive remains intact, clever programs can reassemble much of your information. It is not at all implausible to imagine your company or […]