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Does a Fried SSD Mean the Data Doesn’t Need Destruction?

Does a Fried SSD Mean the Data Doesn’t Need Destruction?   SSD hard drives are sensitive to power issues. Every year, there are countless cases where someone fries their solid state drive because they used a faulty power cable, the wrong cable for their modular power supply, or there was a surge at the outlet […]

Vulnerabilities That Compromise Your Data Security

In decades past, security amounted to protecting valuable on-premises items. Today, criminals also target intangible items such as the data stored in your computers and servers. It doesn’t matter that an asset is digital. If it has value, cyber criminals will go after it. They have multiple ways of finding security vulnerabilities that expose sensitive business and […]

The Risks of Unreliable Hard Drive Destruction

It seems so simple: your company is disposing an old hard drive, so you simply wipe the data and recycle it. After all, what could possibly happen? As it turns out, quite a bit. As any security expert knows, simply wiping the data from your hard drive is not enough to actually delete it in […]

Three Overlooked Data Security Threats

Data breaches often occur from overlooked security threats. If all of your efforts are focused on hardening your networks against online hackers, then your data breaches will likely occur elsewhere. There are many ways that cyber criminals can get to your data. This is why a robust defense requires a broader approach to data security […]