Monthly Archives: December 2017

Why Simply Erasing a Hard Disk is Not Enough

In an increasingly digital world, data security is becoming more important as predators seek to steal electronic information. Staying on top of the best security practices is important as you can be sure that those with malicious intent are evolving as well. What many people with the exception of computer professionals may not know is […]

Technologies For Responsible Data Protection

The leakage of personal information that finds its way into the hands of criminals is increasingly becoming a norm. It is often perplexing when organizations realize that unknown persons have access to the personal details they hold, and this can lead to a lawsuit against such firms. As authorities seek to enforce laws to control […]

3 Wrong Ways to Destroy Your Hard Drive

Any business that handles sensitive data knows about the need to keep it safe. Ultimately, that means not just secure storage, but also destruction when it is no longer needed or relevant. Unfortunately, too many businesses take the wrong steps in going about destroying that data. Here are three of the most common (and false) […]

How to Prepare Your Data Security For 2018

As we move closer to the new year, preparation is key to keep your technology requirements current and safe. The current state of data security is relatively dire, with countless businesses of all sizes finding themselves unprepared for ongoing and new threats to the integrity of their systems. But problems tend to present opportunities, and […]

Introducing the MediaDice SSD for More Reliable Data Destruction

If your business or organization uses solid-state drives to store their data, you need to consider the ways in which you can safely destroy data as the SSD becomes corrupted or no longer relevant. Any advanced data operator knows that simply deleting files will not be enough; in fact, even conventional hard drive destroyers may […]