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Hard Drives: Stored Data a Cybersecurity Risk

Data breaches, like the recent Equifax breach, are becoming more common and scary for companies, particularly because a recent federal court case held that consumers may directly sue companies that fail to safeguard their personal data just because the consumers are now at a heightened risk for identity theft; no actual identity theft needs to occur. A recent article from […]

Why Do You Need a Physical Hard Disk Eraser?

Anyone that has even a passing familiarity with computers knows that deleting a file doesn’t get rid of it. We’re not just talking about emptying your virtual trash, either; to truly delete your data, you need to go further. Of course, especially in a business context, deleting data is of sometimes vital importance. When an […]

Hard Drive Crusher Keeps Your Trash from Becoming a Thief’s Treasure

One of the hardest things to keep track of when it comes to technology is updating your systems units.  It seems like your hardware can no longer keep up with the software and in no time at all, a very expensive computer is taking forever to boot up or it crashes constantly.  This means another […]

Two Ways To Securely Destroy Solid State Data Drives

Business enterprises are recording a slew in the use of solid state drives instead of the conventional electromechanical disks. Companies are ditching the use of the spinning platters in electromagnetic in traditional drives and employing the use of memory chips of solid state disks to store information. However, the new and efficient data storage technique […]