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Be Sure That Sensitive Data Is Gone, Use a Hard Disk Crusher

Data is the modern currency. Every company, large or small, deal in terabytes of sensitive information. This information must be protected because if it leaks then that can spell disaster for both customers and employees. Why Should I Destroy My Hard Drive? What makes hard drives convenient is also what makes them dangerous. An index […]

Data Crushers Do what Software Disk Wipers Cannot

Many types of software exist that purport to be able to wipe hard drives and other data storage devices. Yet, we often hear of cases where the FBI or other law enforcement agencies recover data through advanced forensic techniques. What many people don’t realize is that these techniques are now known to criminals, and the […]

Proper Data Destruction

The value of information and data-related crime rate are constantly on the rise. Proper storage of data in secure formats and ensuring authorized access only is imperative as some of this information is sensitive and would have devastating consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. Any prudent data consumer would be careful as to […]

4 Features an Effective Hard Drive Destroyer Needs

As we have discussed in detail in this blog and throughout our website, a variety of professional situations call for the reliable destruction of hard drives. Data security is becoming more essential than ever before, especially in companies that handle sensitive customer and financial information. However, not every hard drive destroyer is created equal. The […]