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Throw Out the Trash, not Your Life: Protection by Media Destruction

Our daily lives are inundated with such a quantity of data that we no longer think about how much information we have. Be it on our phones, our desktops, our laptops, or our flash drives, we carry the fingerprints of our digital and personal lives everywhere. More dangerously, many people leave these fingerprints everywhere. For […]

Who Should Be Responsible for Buying and Maintaining a Hard Drive Eraser?

Throughout our website, we have made one thing clear: for maximum data protection and security, you absolutely need a hard drive eraser. Put simply, your business is in need of making sure that all of its data will be kept safe, no matter the situation. But that brings up a different question: which department or […]

Data Security & its Importance

Unauthorized users or malicious hackers may want to gain access to sensitive information contained on a server or hard drive. Data security becomes a considerable worry for most database managers. There are usually two primary ways to secure data. One way is through a disk encryption software, which works to protect the information on the hard drive […]

Solid State Data Destruction

Solid State Drives operate differently than older Hard Drives. Where older drives used magnetic storage to store information, SSD devices store their data digitally. Completely wiping an SSD drive to the same level as an HDD device is not possible because of the differences in storage methodology. Companies that retain confidential data are regulated by […]

3 Situations that Call for a Hard Drive Destroyer

Do you really ever need a physical device that makes a hard drive you no longer use impossible to recover? If your company ever handles financial, personal, or other sensitive data, you absolutely do. More specifically, here are 3 situations in which this device will become crucial. 1) An Employee With Access Leaves How can […]