Monthly Archives: April 2017

Why Hard Drive Destruction is a Legal Necessity

Hard drive destruction should be considered extremely important for any large entity that values privacy. Banks and various other types of businesses rely heavily on keeping information sequestered from public view, and in this modern age, cutting edge technology is required to keep it that way. But what are the consequences for not efficiently keeping […]

The Importance of Hard Drive Destruction

So, you have decided to upgrade the computers in your office. This leaves many business owners questioning what they should do with these computers, and in particular, their hard drives. Should you store these hard drives somewhere? Should you take them out back and smash them with a baseball bat? Many business owners are unsure […]

The Necessity of a Hard Drive Crusher

If you own a company that deals with sensitive information it is crucial that any storage device that becomes damaged or outdated be properly destroyed. Whether it is client data or even more sensitive data related to security clearance, just tossing your storage media into the garbage is not enough. While most businesses and government […]

Secure Your Data the Best Way: With a Hard Disk Crusher

Let’s say it’s the era before computers.  You have a filing cabinet full of papers.  Confidential information.  Not only sensitive, but if it got into the wrong hands, it could make a lot of problems for everyone connected to that information.  If you didn’t want that information to ever be used by someone it didn’t […]