Monthly Archives: March 2017

Hard Drive Destruction: Why Is It Important?

In the workplace, when someone is looking to buy a new computer, or wants to throw away their old hard drive, discarding it isn’t always the best choice. After all, there are always people both in and outside the workplace looking to steal info. With that said, the next time you’re thinking about the data […]

Why Consider Data Crushers for Your Community?

One of the best ways to serve your community is to offer members access to free or low-cost data crushing services. This is especially helpful for organizations that deal with senior citizens regularly. Many seniors are getting comfortable with mobile devices. However, many still know very little about how to keep their devices safe. They […]

Protecting Your Data After Disposal With a Blu-ray Crusher

Everyone knows the importance of storing data for your company. Having reliable optical storage media is a given in the digital information age. However, how much thought have you given to keeping that data secure once the optical media is no longer needed? You can’t just throw that Blu-ray it in the garbage, it is […]

Does an Effective Software-Based Hard Drive Eraser Really Exist?

If you’re thinking about buying a hard drive eraser, solid state data destroyer or other data/media destruction device for your business; you’re one of the wiser business owners. Though many professionals are starting to realize that it’s important to take cyber security precautions, they don’t understand that the final step in cyber security is complete […]

Solid State Data Destruction Done Right

For many years, professionals thought degaussing was an effective way to destroy data on solid state devices. However, though degaussing can damage some SSD data irrevocably, you can’t rely on it to destroy all the data on a device. Degaussing works by damaging the data on the magnetic strip of solid state devices. The simplest […]