Monthly Archives: December 2016

How Data Crushers Fit in With IT Security

Many businesses are in the process of creating disaster recovery plans for their organizations. They’re working with managed services providers to: Educate their staff on security best practices, Ensure every device logging into the business network is secure and can be wiped remotely, and Move some or all of their business processes to the cloud […]

The Importance Of Destroying Your Hard Drive Today

We live in a data sensitive society. A businesses and companies reputation can depend on their data security. Look at Yahoo for example. If you lose any data that is later utilized for criminal use, it could cost your business or company thousands, if not sustainability. This is where data safety comes in, but there […]

The Blu Ray Crusher is the Most Satisfying Method of Destroying Optical Storage Media

Maybe one of the most annoying things about optical media is the tendency for the data to be corrupted due to the fragility of the materials. Not so long ago, Blu-Ray was being used as an archival storage system. The media seemed to be permanent, the technology allowed for large amounts of information to be […]