Monthly Archives: November 2016

Being Smart with Your Dead Technology: The Hard Drive Crusher

Destroying paper documents is easy; simply rip them up, or better yet, put them through the shredder. However, what happens when a hard drive full of important documents suddenly dies before important files are taken off? What do you do with a dead piece of computer hardware like a hard drive? Whatever you do, DO […]

On Making the Hard Drive Crusher Part of Your Cybersecurity Plan

Many professionals still don’t have the proper protocols in place when it comes to data destruction. There’s a lot of buzz about cyber-security. Organizations are slowly learning that they must hire an IT managed services provider to: Monitor their systems, Backup their systems, Ensure their systems and devices are secure, Provide disaster recovery, and So […]

A Witness Protection Program For Your Hard Drive

In a CSI world, it’s hard to make things completely disappear. Digital footprints can last for forever, unless you have the right technology to protect your company’s privacy. Identify theft is the number one concern of companies, large and small. Almost daily, a breach of information is in the headlines. Our hard drive eraser is the solution you’ve been […]

Keep Your Information Safe with Solid State Data Destruction

If you need to safely dispose of sensitive information, you can’t just throw it away. That’s how thieves and hackers take advantage. You need to destroy old information as completely as possible, but how do you do that? If the information is written on paper, a shredder might be good enough. However, in this day […]

The Increasing Importance of Blu Ray Crushers for Personal Use

Do you use blu rays to store your personal data? Probably more than you realize. Whether you save photos or documents on the disk, its storage space is convenient anytime you need to make a backup. But your blu rays likely also store data that you aren’t even aware of. If, for example, you play […]