Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Role of Data Crushers in Workplace Media Destruction and Sanitization

Most business owners will agree that modern times call for desperate measures. Just a quick scan of cybersecurity news shows us just how vulnerable our data really is in the hands of organizations that aren’t taking the proper security measures. Some driven criminals have even figured out ways to hack very complex and expensively guarded […]

An Unexpected Reason You Need a Hard Drive Crusher

If you’re like most people, you’ve owned at least one used computer; or maybe you’ve owned a computer for over 10 years that you bought new. Now it’s older. We’ve all heard that telltale hum of an older computer. We might not know exactly what it means. We’ve been meaning to Google it. If we […]

Use a Hard Disk Crusher to Delete Data the Permanent Way

Advances in data recovery are great under the right circumstances, but they can be terrible if they’re used by the wrong people. When this happens, extremely sensitive private information can be used by identity thieves or blackmailers. Corporate information can find its way to the competition. Recovered e-mails can end up on national news. These […]