Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Missing Piece of Most Data Security Advice

When you read articles about protecting your data, the advice tends to be pretty standard: keep your security protocols up to date, assign specific and limited roles to anyone who touches sensitive data, and encrypt your data wherever possible. However, much of this advice misses a crucial piece: for true data security, you have to […]

Are People Really Using Hard Drive Erasers? The Leftover Data Study

Blancco Technology Group conducted a recent study. They examined 200 used hard disk drives, (HDDs) and solid state drives, (SDDs) that they purchased off of eBay and Craigslist between January and June of 2016. Blancco bought the computers randomly using no specific pattern of choice. They simply chose working machines. The results were pretty scary. […]

Data Security: Password Tips for Making Your Organization More Secure

Nowadays, are businesses underestimating the importance of data security? That’s not to say companies are unaware that they should keep their information safe from threats. However, they may not take it as seriously as they should. Besides, with all the advanced security software available nowadays, many companies merely sit back and allow their technology to do […]