Monthly Archives: July 2016

The MediaVise Rackmount: Rack mounted data crushers

The news nearly constantly reports on data security incidents involving personal data of thousands of people. These incidents can seriously erode public confidence in the data entrusted to businesses and government entities. Phiston Technologies is a leader in the fight to eliminate data hacking from discarded electronic media. Many data destruction techniques do not destroy […]

Use a Hard Drive Destroyer to Ensure Your Client’s Security Needs

Nothing stays buried, so they say, and the same is true of your sensitive information.  Even a high-level reformat and overwriting is no guarantee of keeping your information secure.  The storage volume you relied on to hold onto your data might have even failed and since you can’t access the information you might think it […]

Why Would I Need A Hard Drive Crusher?

Ensuring that confidential information remains confidential is the primary objective of data destruction. But while simply erasing a hard drive containing data that needs to be recycled can be effective on small-scale projects, when you are facing hundreds or even thousands of hard drives that need to be destroyed or you face a limited time frame […]